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After a very successful tech support phone call was able to confirm my "dead hard drive" diagnosis, the phone disconnected while he was starting to arrange a dispatch of a new drive.

Call #2, Tech gal's tool wouldn't open to bring up case notes from call #1. Said she'd call me back. Amazingly enough, she did, but to tell me they were still having problems getting the case notes thingy to work and she recommended I try calling again tomorrow. Erg. But, I do appreciate the callback, even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear.

Call #3, Apparently guy #1 didn't keep very good notes. Fortunately, I did and was able to replay everything we did on Monday and feed her the error codes to get a quick diagnosis.

The verdict... new hard drive should be here on Thursday or Friday.

Then I get to install it.

With any luck, poor Wendy will be up and running again before the weekend.

Which is a good thing. I miss Facebook. And my financial software. Fortunately, all my due bills were scheduled before it crashed. No potential lateness due to not knowing what I'm supposed to pay and when.


Jul. 11th, 2009 09:45 pm
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Home computer is down again. Pretty sure the hard drive's dead now. Please go back to relying on ancient technology to contact the Meyers. Will update when issue is resolved.
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OK. The computer seems to be up and running normally. I think the system restore may have actually worked. I'm still a little concerned that my hard drive may be on the verge of failing, but we'll see. Meanwhile, my data backups are a little past due, so while I'm here, I'll be backing up everything.


Jul. 10th, 2009 05:31 pm
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Dave and I do not currently have a functioning computer for home use. If you need to reach us for anything, use the phones.

Thank you.
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Today was day two of my trial-run filling in for BossLady while she's on maternity leave. She'll be out starting next month, so we're shifting many of her duties over to me so I can manage them while she's still there to answer questions, so I'll be better prepped for when she's gone. I must say, my respect for her time management skills has skyrocketed over these last two days. I have yet to develop her skill for juggling so many things all at once. But, I've survived what has been not a really bad start-of-cycle, but not really an easy one either.

It's going to be a challenge. I'm not sure I'm all that cut out for management, but I know once I get past the scary stuff, it'll be a good experience for me.

I do need to start planning that weekend getaway to the Bay that Dave and I have been talking about. A nice, relaxing trip to help recharge after what's going to be a busy time for me. Mmm... luxurious hotel on the water... dinner in San Francisco... Picnic on Angel Island... mmmm.

Just gotta master the new (albeit temporary) job first!
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So, now that I'm all hitched and everything, I find I have a few guides to wedding planning that I no longer need. I know there are a few out there on my list who are in the process, let me know if you would like them.

I didn't dig them all up, but the titles I know of include:

Wedding Planning for Dummies
The Anti-Bride Etiquette Guide
Bridal Bargains
and a couple of less fun ones

Holler if you want them.

Also if you want a centerpiece... still have a few of those left over.

Woo hoo.

Jun. 4th, 2009 10:29 am
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Working Saturday! Joy! Possibly Sunday!

It's a good thing I actually do like my job.


May. 22nd, 2009 02:53 pm
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There's an ad running on the TV today... for GOD!

"Do you need God? Call 1-800-NEED-HIM"

With a musical jingle.

It's just..odd.


May. 12th, 2009 03:47 pm
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I just got an IM from my co-worker telling me she just heard the Kimberly Trip being advertised on TV for the concert in the park this Friday! Neat.
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Webby is torn between "Hiss-Growl. There's a strange cat in my house," and "Ooh! I want to play with her!"
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Introducing the newest addition to our household, the Lady Giselle (Gigi):

We went out today browsing at kitties available for adoption, and while talking to the shelter lady about our cat household and what kind of kitty would fit well with Dumbass and Dumberass. She said, "Oh, [Giselle] would be a perfect fit for you. She's that tabby over there."

"Ah." I thought, "The one my husband is already schmoozing with and falling for. Excellent!"
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Our photographer, Beth, is certifiably insane, but so worth it: First Glimpse at our Wedding Photos
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So, does "high-speed police chase" trump "llama?"
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I need to take a minute here to rave about all of my awesome friends who helped with the wedding flowers yesterday.  And to shower them with my thanks and appreciation.  So, thank you to all of you!  To [ profile] jeffry_wynne, the creative genius behind the whole thing, [ profile] deliciousj, [ profile] songbird99, and [ profile] blondefbnbg who tirelessly spray painted branches and bowls and arranged flowers, and [ profile] erisian_fields, [ profile] bridgeweaver, and [ profile] khanfused who invited us in and let us take over their entire house for the project.  You guys all rock!  The flowers are awesome! 
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1) Is anyone in need of basic flatware: forks, spoons, knives... and isn't necessarily looking for matched service for 12?

2) Is there anyone local who would be available to pick me and Dave up from the Sacramento airport on May 4, apx. 10 pm?
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"Will the customer driving a green Mallard please return to the parking lot? Your lights are on."
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Got the pantry & space under the kitchen sink organized, as well as turning the downstairs bathroom from a storage closet to a room that can at least be used for a sink and mirror (no toilet in there at the moment).

Big job. Lots of crap. Now, all our tools, cleaning supplies, hardware, and gardening supplies are together and we know where to look for each.

Tired now. Sleep now.


Apr. 8th, 2009 06:15 pm
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It occurred to me today that our wedding is going to be really fun. Not because of the food, or the decor, or any of the little details, but because of all the cool people who are coming and partying with us.


Apr. 8th, 2009 09:57 am
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6 days to meeting at venue to finalize the wedding details.
7 days to coloring my hair for the wedding.
7 days to when we can start watching the long term weather forecasts.
9 days until I'm off work for the wedding and the honeymoon.
9 days to final pre-wedding meeting with photographer.
10 days to hair appointment to get rid of those nasty split ends.
14 days until Sister #1 gets to town.
(14 days to get the house clean and ready for guests)
15 days until Sister #2 gets to town.
15 days until Pre Wedding Monster Mini Golf extravaganzzza!
16 days until Rehearsal.

17 days until I'm married to the best guy ever.


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