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It's been a really pleasant weekend. Friday night, I got home from work, and realizing that I had nowhere to be and nothing to do, I happily flopped down on the couch in front of the TV, and promptly fell asleep. I woke a while later to a text message from [ profile] aleeceh summoning me to food and fun at her place. I thought, "Okay, once I wake..." and fell asleep again.

Alone time is nice. I sometimes feel like I'm running everywhere and doing everything and I don't have enough time to myself. In truth, it's mostly the weekends that are that crazed, and I usually have my weekday evenings free, but that's not the same as a night in which I don't have to make lunch for work the next day, and go to bed at a decent hour so I can get enough sleep before the alarm goes off. Plus, I'm a serious introvert. A full weekend of social stuff and I'm pretty much maxed out on people for the week.

So, eventually, I woke up again on Friday, but at that point, I still wasn't up for going anywhere so I read a book for a while and played a video game for a while.

Saturday was also free time, but I had a lot of stuff to do around the house. I got most of it done and felt like I'd been pretty darned productive. In the evening, I met up with [ profile] bractune, [ profile] almost_lindsey, and [ profile] rainyadair at the Menagerie to go to a Television Preview focus group thingy, where they show TV pilots and ask your opinion. Much like the one I'd been to many years ago, this was actually an advertising focus group, where they were far more concerned about the products we'd buy than what we thought about the TV programs, which were really terrible. We had fun though, getting to express our opinions and thoughts on shows, commercials, and the event in general. Said opinions ranged from "I like pie" (regarding a bubblegum commercial), and "Hate the bears! Oh my god, I really hate the bears! They creep me out! Make them go away!" (regarding one of those Charmin commercials with the bears in the forest using toilet paper) and "Snacks would be nice" (the exact words of all four of us where they asked for comments on the event...until [ profile] bractune changed his to 'nice and dandy' after he realized we'd all written the exact same thing.)

Afterwards, we landed back at the Menagerie for a bit and had some conversation with the denizens there, before heading back to my place for some much needed sleep. An early day loomed because Sunday would be [ profile] bractune's first bike ride with the [ profile] sunday_drivers and it promised to be a hot day, so that meant we needed to get out on the road early.

Early meant we were up by 7:30, on the road by 8:15, and met up with the rest of the group by 8:45. We rode from Sac State to Old Sac, had lunch, then headed home by all of our various routes. It was a nice 20 mile ride for me, [ profile] bractune, and [ profile] lograh. I loved having [ profile] bractune out there with us. It was very cool. I hope he's not hurting too much today. He's in pretty good shape in general, but biking can use muscles one doesn't realize one has.

I pretty much spent the afternoon vaguely comatose on the couch. Got up and did a little more cleaning in the evening before my summer shows came on. Watched one. Taped one. Taped Supergroup to watch with [ profile] bractune later. Went to bed.

And that's pretty much how my weekend went. Productive, relaxing, social, but not overwhelmingly social.

Now, I'm back at work, and entering massive numbers of authorizations for testing a letter process. Running out of real members to play with, will have to start sending friends for MRIs soon.
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Way, way too late for me to still be up. Still feeling a little wired, although I'm sure I'll be out cold as soon as I'm horizontal.

Had a great time tonight. The Kimberly Trip gave an ass-kicking performance. The Brodys were fun to dance to, even if I was listening from outside the bar by that point. Conversation and Irish Mist is a wonderful combination.

And thanks, [ profile] devafall, for the pleasant reminder of loved music that had been lost behind the closed door of one of my life's chapters.


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