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I'm in a weird place with the novel I'm reading (still chewing my way through Wizard and Glass). I'm right at the dramatic climax. Everything that has been building up is now exploding everywhere. It's exciting and breathtaking.

But I don't want to read it. I'm staring at the book hesitantly, debating picking it up.

This is because I know this isn't going to end pretty. This is not a happy story (or rather story within a story) that is being told. There are no spoilers here, for those who may be working through the series. You know from the first few pages of The Gunslinger that Susan died. But now that I'm here, even with very little memory of the details from my first read, I'm still just not wanting to see it happen.

This is perplexing.
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While standing in the line waiting to see Return of the King, I remember a conversation I was having with [ profile] devafall and [ profile] khanfused about Stephen King's Dark Tower series. We touched on the subject of Book IV, Wizard and Glass and how it was much slower reading than the previous three. "Chewy" was the word Devafall used, and I agreed completely.

I had forgotten, since my first time through, just how chewy it was. I started reading Book I around the 15th of December. I've sped through the first three, resisting all reasons which I should put them down, even for the most basic of needs such as sleep and food.

Then comes Book IV. And I come to a screeching halt. I'm still progressing, but not at that self-propelled maniacal speed anymore. It's like climbing up a hill in rollerskates.

It's not that the book sucks. It's just a lot of back-story. It's telling a story that happened many years before the main events of the series take place. It's important. The first three books refer to many of those events and you know you need to know this stuff to really understand the world and the character of Roland, and the path that has brought him to where he is now. It just doesn't push the main plot forward much at all.

And when you're standing at the gates of the Emerald City but have to wade through 600 pages of History before you're allowed inside, it's damn irritating.

I'm reminded of why I only bought the first three for [ profile] mahdi's Christmas gift a few years back. If you aren't hooked by the first three books, if you don't love the world and the characters by that point, and don't really care what happens to them, there's just no point in fighting through the fourth book. Stop now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I'm just hoping Book V moves faster and captures my attention just like the first three did, and doesn't make me regret the effort to get there.
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I'm a member of a book club. I haven't bought anything from them for ages (the last purchase being The Darwin Awards), but this month the selection was the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I've been wanting to reread them, preferably finishing the first before the movie. I've also never actually owned a copy. The ones I read in high school were my stepfather's.

But, being broke, I set aside the idea of having my own copies. I deleted the informational email from the book club telling me about them. I figured I'd have to scrape up the money to buy one at a time locally.

Then I went to the book club web page just to look at them.

Ah, the perils of buy-now/pay-later. They're now happily on their way to my doorstep.


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