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Jan. 26th, 2004 05:05 pm
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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Lucy.

Okay, so you can't really see her, but I'm using her right now to post. She's very pretty and sleek and fast. It's going to take some getting used to XP though.
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"So, what'd you do on your lunch break, Terri?"
"Um, I bought a computer."

Yeah. I knew I couldn't leave that credit line sitting for very long without touching it. And with poor Daphne overworked as she is, it really is time to retire her and send her to Greener Pastures (which actually is in Snohomish, WA, to be specific).

So, the new baby isn't top of the line, but she's not the discount model either. I declared I wasn't doing Celeron again, so she's got a Pentium 4, 2.66GHz. The hard drive is 13 times the capacity of what I've been using, so it will be fun for the first month, wondering how I could ever fill that much space, then 6 months later wondering why I didn't buy the bigger drive since it'll be full by then!

I've forewarned [ profile] spiritlady about the potential unscheduled absence if it turns out to be necessary. I'll figure the actual delivery details when I get the shipping confirmation in a few days.

Okay, so I can't really afford this, but I'll make do.

So, [ profile] mschryste when are you coming to visit? You get a computer when you do! I'll even throw in a scanner for fun!

EDIT: And, oh yeah, It's a Dell, Dude. I just really wanted to say that.
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So, the food meme thingy from [ profile] darkmoon :

Food Allergies:
Tequila. Okay, I know it's not technically food, but considering how many of my friends seem to love the stuff, it's worth bringing up. If we're having a margarita party, I'll be bringing my own blender for daquiries because even a tiny bit of Tequila can set off a very negative reaction.

Foods I Don't Eat, Ever:
Raw Fish
Tuna Casserole

Foods I Don't Prefer, But Will Eat Occasionally or Pick Out of Mixed Dishes
Broccoli/Cauliflower (will only eat if in very small pieces and mixed into something with lots of sauce)
Rasberries/Rasberry flavored things.
Other Berries with seeds (Strawberries excluded. I love the flavor of blackberries and boysenberries and the like, but the hard little seeds gross me out)
Sushi. I'm including this here because while the raw fish rule from above applies, there are 1-3 types of non-fish sushi I will eat, and as long as the restaurant has non-sushi/non-seafood options, I can usually find something I like.

General Principles About My Food Prefs

My default is Italian. Give me cheese, garlic, and pasta covered in some sort of sauce with lots of bread on the side, and I'm happy.

I grew up in a culinarily challenged household. As a result, there are many types of foods I've never tried, or had so little of it that I'm unable to form an opinion of it. Therefore, when I'm asked "Do you like [Indian, Ethopian, Thai, other]?" my response is generally, "I don't know." For some reason, this seems to get translated as "Terri doesn't like..." I don't get that. I'm also a little bit shy about trying new things, although I've become much more daring than I used to be, so while there are times when I really want something comfortable and familiar, I'm usually open to the new stuff... I just will need help when faced with an entire menu of things that I don't recognize.

Spicy foods: Not quite sure why some people think I don't like or can't handle spicy. I don't always choose spicy, but rarely will I avoid something that looks good simply because it's hot.

Chocolate is low on my list of dessert choices. I'll go for something fruity or cheescaky instead. I'm not anti-chocolate, but I have a low tolerance for it.


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