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I just paid a buttload of bills today. I've not managed to completely pay off any of my debts yet, but, with the exception of one credit card, everything is current or paid ahead now. It's been a year since I could say that, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. I've got some money coming from my uncle soon, the last of my inheritance from my grandma which I need to decide what to do with. It'll be enough to pay off one of my bigger accounts, two or more of my smaller ones, or about half of my car. I guess, since I don't know when it's coming, I'll just have to figure that out when I actually get the money.

I'm thinking maybe I should take the money out of my secret PERS account as well. It's not exactly earning much in interest, and nothing's being fed into it, so it's really just sitting there. Hmm. I'll think on it, I guess.

Ah well, I'm just going to sit back now and enjoy the feeling of paying bills and still having money left over.

In other news...

I'm home again today. I've actually been writing. Nothing new, but a new start to an old tale of mine that I've been kicking around in various formats since 1986. Oddly enough, it's a fantasy setting, that up until college when I allowed my world to cross over with worlds and characters created by [ profile] bettyp and [ profile] gwyndolin (who don't actually read my LJ, so I don't know why I felt the need to name drop there), was pretty two dimensional. Working with other writers in my world, new characters were born, politics were developed, and it became a much more complex place. But that first story from that world, the one that the world was created for, a fairy-tale romance, still hasn't been completed. It's a very different story now. Much darker. Not so clean. But I think it's a better story, if I can get it out on paper where it belongs.

And in yet more news...

While a latecomer, I'm now officially hooked on Veronica Mars. Mind you, I've only seen the first four episodes (on rented DVD) but I've got four more to watch today, and more coming to me when I send these discs back. The problem with coming late to a series that's currently on the air, however, is that I'll never be able to catch up until after it's cancelled. I don't want to jump into current episodes when I'm so far behind. I won't know what happened between where I am and where the current season is, and I'll spoil some of the intrigue for myself if I do try to watch it.

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The age old question of scruples comes up. When you buy something at a fast food joint, give the cashier $5 and the cashier gives you $16 change, do you keep the money, or alert the hapless worker to his error? Apparently, when that $5 was the last money in my wallet and the decision to give into the fast food craving went against my better judgement in the first place, my answer is to hit the gas as hard as I could and get out of that drive-thru before he has a chance to notice the mistake. I feel so guilty, but now I can buy oil and gas for my car, and cat food that my girls won't throw up.
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I discovered last night a serious flaw in my financial plan. Apparently my bills, not counting food and gas, total approximately $100 more than my monthly income. No wonder I'm so broke. See, not too long ago, I worked the better part of a year putting in 50-60 hour weeks, bringing home $300-400 more than I should have been. I was comfortable. I had money to spend on things. Then it stopped and now, I'm trying to figure if there's anyway to manage this without quitting jujitsu.

I'm looking at the drawer of work that's starting to pile up at the office again. I'm looking at the tiny size of our team that's supposed to handle this work (they let go 20 temps last month due to a lack of work). I was asked yesterday if I'd be interested in working Saturday if OT was offered. I gave a resounding yes. Oh, I hope this is a sign of things to come. A few weeks with Saturday work or extended weekday work will help. Another 2-3 month period with regular OT will be even better.

Crossing my fingers.

Bad Math?

Aug. 18th, 2001 09:11 am
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Ever think you're operating on non-existent funds in your bank account, hoping you can juggle things enough until the next pay check so nothing actually bounces, only to balance your checkbook to find that you have $50 sitting in there after everything else clears? Do you trust that $50 to actually be there, or do you attribute it to the inability to manage money and assume that if you spend it, something that didn't occur to you will bounce? It's kind of nerve wracking, but hey, maybe I can go to the movies this week.


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