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Today is day 5 of me being back on a diet (Pirated Weight Watchers). I'm back on the diet because when [ profile] bractune and I stepped on the scale on Sunday, there was not nearly enough of a difference between my weight at 5'6" and that of my 6'2" boyfriend. That was enough to kick my oversized ass into gear. So I've been to the gym three times this week, and I've been counting my points like a madwoman. On the plus side, the amped up physical activity has me waking up easier in the morning. On the minus side, I could eat an entire pizza right now. And I fear next week because my weight this week was close enough to the range border that I know I'm going to lose 2 of my daily points after Sunday. So, I'll be hungrier. Possibly crankier.

On the other hand, if all goes according to plan, we'll be planting the grass seed in Dave's backyard tomorrow. (If all doesn't go according to plan, we'll be doing it next weekend.) Possibly finishing up the painting in the dining room, and stripping the wallpaper from the bathroom too. It all depends on how motivated we are, I guess.

I suppose I should get back to work. It's build Friday, so things are actually pretty calm, just a lot of administrative clean up and prep for the upcoming new build on Monday.


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