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Today, Dave and I are welcoming a new kitty into my house.

Since my Nikita kitty got sick, she's not wanted to play with Boo as much. She still does from time to time, but not as much as The Boo needs. As a result, Boo has been driving me crazy, acting out, getting into things, basically misbehaving in order to get my attention. While I'm more than willing to give her extra attention, she's been needing more than I could give. I had come to the realization that I needed another cat... one that could keep Boo occupied.

Enter Andrew Lloyd Weber. [ profile] jeffry_wynne was needing to find a safe home for him due to integration problems with his other cats. After a little discussion where it was revealed that the majority of the problems were due to his other kitty's health issues, there seemed no reason to not give it a try. Nikita's older, and not in the best of health, but if she doesn't want to play, she can defend herself, and if she bites him, he's not going to contract her chronic disease. And even if he and Boo don't hit it off as the best of friends, his presence will at least be enough to keep her distracted.

He's been in the house for about 5 hours now. He seems pretty relaxed, although he's sequestered himself into a safe cubby hole behind the couch. He'll let us reach back and pet him, and he batted at the cat fishing pole for a little while. When it became clear he didn't want to wander around and explore the front rooms any more than he already had and was just going to stay in one place, I decided it would be okay to let Nikita out from the bedroom. Nikita has always lived in a multi-cat household, with many different cats, so she's an old pro at meeting new roommates. She smelled him in the room immediately, traced his steps to his hiding place, and jumped onto the window sill where she could see him. After a glance at me that seemed to say "you do know there's another cat down there, don't you?" she shrugged and went on her merry way, completely unconcerned by his presence. He also seemd to still be pretty calm and not stressed by her appearance.

A little while later, we let Boo come out. Since Andrew Lloyd Weber seems to not do well with being in a cat carrier, the original plan to let the girls meet him while he was safe in a box was tossed early on. His cubby hole, however, gives him the same amount of security. See, the last time we introduced Boo to a new kitty, she didn't react well at first. She turned into Pet Semetary cat, got all puffy and hissy and growly and turned on everyone - cats she didn't know, cats she did know, people. She eventually calmed down, and while she and Shinji never really got along, they did learn to live with each other. So, I was a little concerned about how aggressive she might be.

Turns out, I had very little to worry about. She spent a little time looking around the house for him. I gave her his harness to sniff so she could learn his smell. She eventually made it to the window where the two made eye contact. There was a little bit of low growling, and a couple of quick hisses. Then she lay down and looked out the window for a while before leaving the general area. No puffiness. No satanic kitty of death and doom. She's a little disturbed by his presence. He seems a little concerned about her, but again, he's not freaking out. Just kinda hanging out and letting us interact with him as long as our backs can handle the position we have to get into to pet him.

I figure, once he decides to venture out of his cubby hole, there will be a little more work needed to keep the peace, but for the moment, things are going very well, even better than expected.
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I tend to consider my Boo kitty to be not the brightest of bulbs. She's cute as anything, but has just never struck me as terribly smart.

I stand corrected.

I bought the girls a cute little mouse toy the other day that has a pull cord that makes it vibrate and wiggle across the floor. Boo really likes it. She'll even carry it around the house while I'm home and awake (unlike her usual covert toy moving activities). As I was sitting here researching my upcoming trip to the LA area, I heard a strange noise behind me, almost like fabric tearing slowly. I turn, and see that Boo has the mouse in her paws, and the ring for the pull cord in her mouth, and she is pulling the string all by herself, making the mouse vibrate.

She seems to have actually taught herself how to make the mouse work. Color me impressed.


Sep. 23rd, 2006 08:59 am
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So, I have this thing where once I'm up in the morning, I'm pretty much up. Going back to bed, or getting more sleep tends to just not happen. Sadly, this means even on the weekends, when I could sleep in, I don't get to, because I have to get up and give Kita Kitty her medicine.

And then there's days like today. I set the alarm for 7:30. Nikita, however, wanted food at 6:30. By 6:50, she was annoying me far too much to sleep through any longer, so I got up and fed her and gave her meds.

That means, it's a Saturday. I have nowhere I need to be, nobody I need to see until 5 pm. And I've been up since before 7.



May. 22nd, 2005 08:09 am
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The Boo Kitty was busy last night.

My living room is littered with stuffed animals.


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