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By the end of today, I'll have my garden mostly set up and planted (minus a few seedlings I still need to find.) Yesterday, I transplanted the grass from under where the garden bed would be to the back corner of the yard where I could never get the seed to germinate. Hopefully it will dig in and survive there now. (I have reason to believe it will since the only three tufts of grass that were there previously were only there because I'd tossed them there after digging them up from somewhere else in the yard.) It will be nice to have lawn covering the entire yard finally. (FYI: Richard/Jenny... if you'd caught me 6 hours earlier, I'd probably have taken the sod and saved myself the work. :))

Also this week, our new laundry closet doors arrived. Dave yanked off the old ones yesterday, and I've pulled down the old track. We should be able to get the new ones up without too much hassle, and we'll finally be able to actually close the laundry closet all the way. It's going to look sooooo much better.

Today, was the trip to Home Depot for soil and such to fill the garden bed. Then, a side trip to finally see Alice in Wonderland in a theatre before we couldn't anymore (Pretty). And dumping the contents of the garden bed into the garden bed in shifts. (Open bag of stuff --> Dump bag of stuff --> Spread stuff in bed --> Go inside, have a drink, cool off and rest for a while --> Repeat.) I'm very excited! We'll have real vegetables and herbs growing in our backyard!

We need to have a party... have people over, barbecue, enjoy the yard, use the downstairs bathroom... all those cool things that weren't possible this time last year! Ah, but when? There's so much going on this summer, I'm just not sure we're going to find the time. But, I'll try.
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