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I'm really trying to make an effort with the back yard this year to make it a place where people would want to hang out. I fell in love with a bistro patio set last week, and am amazed at how much a difference having a place to sit out there makes. I'm also looking into some shade options for the patio, so there's some protection from the evil glowing thing in the sky.

What's got me going today is the flowers. Yesterday, Dave and I picked up some flowers to put in the flower box on the patio. We need some color out there. So, today, I got them planted. It's just a little thing, and a little bit of color, and I'm pretty sure that only one of the two types I got is going to survive with the amount of sun that corner of the yard gets (or doesn't), but what was really cool was that almost the moment I had those little bits of floral stuck into the dirt, a little bee came by and swooped in to check them out. Now, I'm really quite afraid of bees, so I backed away a safe distance. But at the same time, it was nice to see that little bit of nature at work in my backyard.

In other news, my little dwarf orange tree is almost waist high now. I think it's grown about a foot and a half since I put it in last fall. It had a few blossoms this year, but those are gone now and it's still to early to tell if there will actually be any fruit (even if there is, it probably won't be edible yet.)

The next task on my list is the raised garden bed. That'll be going in before the end of the month. Need to decide what to plant in it still.

There's still a little bit of clean up and organization needed out there. Need to clear out the "Trash" Shed so I can actually put our Green Waste container in there, and I need to clean all the dead leaves out of the "paved" cubby hole behind the shed so the trash and recycle bins can go there. And need to call the HOA and see about getting the shed and rear fence repaired so they don't fall down completely.

Lots to do. But it's all starting to come together.
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